I guess we've been lucky, our first problem in 40k miles for our Heritage Softail. Our rear tire lost air in a hurry last night about 5 miles from home around 8 pm. 

We where doing about 50mph and the front end started swerving left to right, slow at first then pretty fast. Ann pokes her head around from the back and says stop doing that! I'm not! I pull the clutch in and hear the tire/rubber noise and knew we had a problem. We pull over onto a safe spot on a side street. The rear tire totally flat, I had just checked the tires 3 days ago. 

I call HOG roadside and they get me all set up. The tow truck driver gets there with a flatbed that is just covered in oil. I'm pretty nervous, for good reason as he starts my bike up, he's standing beside it and tries to gun it all the way up the bed of this oil soaked rig. Of course doesn't work, and he and the bike come sliding back down(not on it's side or anything), but I ran behind it grabbing the sissy bar helping him hold it.

OK, that doesn't work, so he loads it on the left side near the back where it isn't so oily. I help work the controls to level the bed out then he was able to strap the bike down right near the front, no problem. 

As we are riding to our place, the driver is telling me he has a Sportster, and he's only laid it down 3 times since he's had it, blah blah blah, and I believe him cause he was about 1/2 crazy.

We make it to our place, I helped with the controls on the truck again and thank god, get it off safe. I still have to be careful because there was a good amount of oil on the front tire now. So I idle it into the garage carefully.

All in all I'm glad everything worked out, we didn't crash, and the tow guy didn't lay it down due to his oily truck. An experience for sure.

I looked at the tire this afternoon and found a small hole in the main part of the tread, so a nail must have just punctured and not stayed in.

10/24/2012 4:42am

Maybe you should call HOG and let them know about this tow truck driver; somebody's going to get hurt or a bike damaged because of him. And don't forget to clean the oil off your front tire (I assume you're getting a new rear)!

03/04/2013 9:22am

I like the story about getting towed home. Its good to know to look for with tires and tow trucks.


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