This coming summer (late August/early September 2013), Ann and I will both have 3 weeks of vacation time stored up, so why not plan another epic trip?  We love talking about what our next adventures will be and we wanted to throw this route out there.  You guys already know that we love the Utah/Arizona landscapes.  This trip will focus on those areas again, but we will also try something new and take the southernmost roads back home to DC.

The map shows the general idea of what we want to accomplish but we are open to changes. 

On the way out the game plan is almost like our 17 States in 17 Days trip.  We want to camp in the Rockies, then head to Moab, UT.  We also want to visit all the national parks and camp in as many as possible.  We've been to most of the national parks in Utah, except for Grand Staircase, so Grand Staircase would be one of many highlights of the trip. After that, we'd head down to Monument Valley, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon.

We found that from doing our other trips is that it is always nice to have something to look forward to throughout the trip.  Having a different route home provides variety and a chance to explore new areas.  After relaxing in Utah and Arizona for a week or so, some of the highlights on the way home will be Tucson, San Antonio, New Orleans, and hopefully exploring the caves in Mammoth, KY.

Right now there will be an estimated trip mileage of around 6,000 miles  If we had 3 weeks of vacation time, then this would be the lowest mileage-to-day ratio of any of the other trips we have taken. 6,000 miles over 23 days is just 260 miles/day, while our 17 States in 17 Days trip came out to  350 miles/day. Of course, some days we ride 500 miles and some days we ride 100 miles, but you get the general idea. Our upcoming 2013 trip would allow for more relaxing time or time for activities.  

Feel free to throw in any ideas to make this a better trip.  We feel blessed to have another opportunity to go on a trip like this, and we're really looking forward to it!

- Alex and Ann

04/18/2013 11:29pm

When you are in Utah check out Cedar Breaks National Monument we came upon it on our cross country trip August 2011 - one of the most beautiful places ever and we didn't even know it was there. Will have to look up the state route and send you another comment. Like you we do a long (5,000-7,000) mile trip each summer. This year spring trip definitely south - warmth in July/August it will be New England

06/03/2013 12:48pm

Sash and I should be in the UT/CO/WY area around September 2013. We'd really love to meet you two then!


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