Greetings fellow riders,

Our next long-distance ride is less than 2 weeks away! Alex and I are planning to leave Washington, DC on Friday, June 29, 2012. We're heading west towards California. We've got about 3 weeks off work to make this happen, but the exact route is still unplanned and unknown.

In fact, we've got a bunch of things to figure out...
  • What kind of tent will we bring? We've tried 3 different tents, and our favorite is a 3-season, 3-person Mountain Hardware tent. However, those tents are pretty expensive ($400+), so we don't own it, it's borrowed from my parents. We found out yesterday that they're planning a 2-week camping trip during the same exact weeks as our vacation, and they need the tent back. So should we use our 2-person leaky tent? Our 3-person leaky tent? Or buy our own $400+ good tent?
  • Do we need to buy a sleeping pad? Again, those are expensive ($150+) so we borrowed a sleeping pad from my parents. They need it back. Do we buy our own for $150? Yuck.
  • And of course... Where will we go? Where will we stay?

Stay tuned as we continue (begin?) planning our trip over the next 11 days.

-- Ann

06/18/2012 8:31pm

Sounds like you need sponsorship!

06/18/2012 8:46pm

Hi Dan,

Great idea! We actually hadn't thought of sponsorship. How would we go about getting sponsors? Have any tips?

Thanks for reading,

06/18/2012 11:06pm

Use your pixs. Got a fav bike shop? They might toss in a few bucks to get their t shirts in some of your pixs. The store where you buy the tent may cut the price if you mention them in your posts or even work the name of the store into some pixs. Or talk your parents into thinking they need some new gear and you keep that "old" stuff.

06/19/2012 6:46am

Hi Guys, Greetings from Australia, Have a great ride. Pity I didn't come across your website earlier as I could have made some route suggestions from a 6,000 mile ride across your great country from NYC to LA in 2010. I've ridden the US 2 times now and have the 2013 and 2014 ride already well planned :) If you'd like any details drop me an email. Happy to email you Garmin files or gpx format.

06/19/2012 10:32am

Hi Greg,

We'd love suggestions on our route. This route is extremely tentative. We'll just be planning it day-by-day based on the weather and how we feel. For now, we're still trying to figure out what we really, really, really want to see vs. what's actually feasible in just 3 weeks. For example, one of our best friends just moved to San Francisco, so that's why we're trying to make it there. Alex really wants to see Mount Rushmore again and I really want to see Crazy Horse again, so that'll put us in the Black Hills at some point. We're also avoiding Kansas at all costs because the wind there is ridiculous.

Do you have a website with your routes or photos? Or should we just email you?

Thanks for reading!

06/19/2012 10:49am

Ann send me your email address and I can forward routes and an invite to dropbox for my video's. You'll forgive me if I include pics of my 2 Harley's too :) I am sure Alex will enjoy too.



06/20/2012 2:33pm

Guys, by checking what you've done I'd say go ahead and buy the tent. It will be 400$ well spent as by what I've seen it will definitely be used often by the two of you. And I'm so jealous of the round trip you've planned! Ride safe!

mom and dad
10/17/2012 9:01pm

love the pictures - we are jealous and so proud of you


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